Child hand prints

Tina Victoria Adams Tina Victoria Adams 
Christina Junieth Aldrich Christina Junieth Aldrich

Ariana Angela Amaya Ariana Angela Amaya 
Ashley  Arias Ashley Arias

Francisco  Arias Jr. Francisco Arias Jr. 
William  Armijo William Armijo

Bernadette  Bawaan Bernadette Bawaan 
Amiricle  Brown Amiricle Brown

Rachael  Brown Rachael Brown 
Whitney  Butler Whitney Butler

Hasanni  Campbell Hasanni Campbell 
Joshua Saul Corrigan Joshua Saul Corrigan

Jack Thomas Cova Jack Thomas Cova 
Edith Theresa Cuellar Edith Theresa Cuellar

Gino  Curtis Gino Curtis 
Luis Miguel Encarnacion Luis Miguel Encarnacion

Mariel  Encarnacion Mariel Encarnacion 
Cynthia  Fernandez Cynthia Fernandez

Royal  Foote Royal Foote 
Daisy Nicole Gamboa Daisy Nicole Gamboa

Cassidy Noelle Gibbs Cassidy Noelle Gibbs 
Gabrielle Malia Gibbs Gabrielle Malia Gibbs

Irene  Gonzalez Irene Gonzalez 
Ember  Graham Ember Graham

Divina Margarita Guerrero Divina Margarita Guerrero 
Alexandria Brianne Guillen Alexandria Brianne Guillen

Tyler  Hinton Tyler Hinton 
Daquan  Jackson Daquan Jackson

Sierra Mae Lamar Sierra Mae Lamar 
Ashley Marie Lewin Ashley Marie Lewin

Jaden Matthew Lehman Lewis Jaden Matthew Lehman Lewis 
Luis Miguel Mendoza-Amaya Luis Miguel Mendoza-Amaya

Kylene  Mitchell Kylene Mitchell 
Olivia  Penalber Olivia Penalber

Anthony Angel Rivera Anthony Angel Rivera 
Erica  Rivera Erica Rivera

Maria  Roque Maria Roque 
Jesus  Santiago Jesus Santiago

Karissa Alline Schell Karissa Alline Schell 
Dwight  Stallings Dwight Stallings

Andrew Patrick Tan Andrew Patrick Tan 
Jeanette  Tarin Jeanette Tarin

Maria Estrada Torres Maria Estrada Torres 
Paola  Valdez Paola Valdez

Daphane  Webb Daphane Webb 
Lydia  Winters Lydia Winters

Mark Anthony Ysasaga Mark Anthony Ysasaga

If you think you know the whereabouts of any missing person BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION, please contact the law enforcement agency listed in the record, your local law enforcement agency or the California Department of Justice at
1 (800) 222-FIND (24 hour nationwide toll-free Hotline) or (916) 227-3290 or contact us by email.