Child hand prints

Tina Victoria Adams Tina Victoria Adams 
Angel Julian Andrade Angel Julian Andrade

Aramazd  Andressian Aramazd Andressian 
Irene  Anguiano Irene Anguiano

Ashley  Arias Ashley Arias 
Francisco  Arias Jr. Francisco Arias Jr.

Briana  Ayala Briana Ayala 
Joshua  Bryant Joshua Bryant

David  Calderon David Calderon 
Hasanni  Campbell Hasanni Campbell

Hector Guillermo Chavez Hector Guillermo Chavez 
Melissa  Cisneros Melissa Cisneros

Joshua Saul Corrigan Joshua Saul Corrigan 
Edith Theresa Cuellar Edith Theresa Cuellar

Luis Miguel Encarnacion Luis Miguel Encarnacion 
Mariel  Encarnacion Mariel Encarnacion

Kaylee Renee Epperson Kaylee Renee Epperson 
Eduardo  Estrada Eduardo Estrada

Jaime  Fernandez Jr. Jaime Fernandez Jr. 
Arianna  Fitts Arianna Fitts

Royal  Foote Royal Foote 
Anai  Garcia Anai Garcia

Ember  Graham Ember Graham 
Angela  Grayson Angela Grayson

Nedale  Grimes Nedale Grimes 
Crystal  Hernandez Crystal Hernandez

Edgar Rosas Hernandez Edgar Rosas Hernandez 
Edwin Rosas Hernandez Edwin Rosas Hernandez

Brandon Jahub Holloway Brandon Jahub Holloway 
Starr  Jones Starr Jones

Asai  Justiniano Asai Justiniano 
Jake  Krauss Jake Krauss

Sierra Mae Lamar Sierra Mae Lamar 
Catherin  Lopez Catherin Lopez

David  Lopez David Lopez 
Julio Alberto Lopez Julio Alberto Lopez

Deshaune  Lumpkin Deshaune Lumpkin 
Noah  Markham Noah Markham

Luis  Martinez Luis Martinez 
Reykwon  Martinez Reykwon Martinez

Angell  Maxey Jr. Angell Maxey Jr. 
Destiny Michelle Medina Destiny Michelle Medina

Bertha  Meza-Deleon Bertha Meza-Deleon 
Elijah H. Moore Elijah H. Moore

Madison  Moreno Madison Moreno 
Iyana  Penn Iyana Penn

Rubelsy  Perez Rubelsy Perez 
Pearl  Pinson Pearl Pinson

Katheryn  Poitan-Martinez Katheryn Poitan-Martinez 
Natalie  Priestly Natalie Priestly

Enrique Martin Rios Enrique Martin Rios 
Izabella  Rios Izabella Rios

Isaiah  Rivas Isaiah Rivas 
Anthony Angel Rivera Anthony Angel Rivera

Lazaro  Rivera Lazaro Rivera 
Jesus  Santiago Jesus Santiago

Karissa Alline Schell Karissa Alline Schell 
Nevenka  Silva Nevenka Silva

Macin Darrin Smith Macin Darrin Smith 
Myliyah  Smith Myliyah Smith

Dwight  Stallings Dwight Stallings 
Andrew Patrick Tan Andrew Patrick Tan

Jeanette  Tarin Jeanette Tarin 
Emily  Tarsaen Emily Tarsaen

Maria Estrada Torres Maria Estrada Torres 
Halondra  Uriostegui Halondra Uriostegui

Paola  Valdez Paola Valdez 
Brenda  Vargas Brenda Vargas

Denisha  Walker Denisha Walker 
Daphane  Webb Daphane Webb

Jovon Chali Woodard Jovon Chali Woodard 
Mark Anthony Ysasaga Mark Anthony Ysasaga

If you think you know the whereabouts of any missing person BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION, please contact the law enforcement agency listed in the record, your local law enforcement agency or the California Department of Justice at
1 (800) 222-FIND (24 hour nationwide toll-free Hotline) or (916) 227-3290 or contact us by email.